Unitec Automotive Trades Academy

What is it?

The Unitec (Automotive) Trades Academy is a 30 week Level 3 Automotive Engineering course held onsite at the Unitec Mt Albert campus.


The course offers a mix of theory and practical work in a dedicated automotive workshop.  Students work on a variety of topics/content:

  • Removing, disassembling and inspecting an engine cylinder head.
  • General repairs, reassembly and refitting an engine cylinder head.
  • Removing, disassembling and inspecting an engine short block.
  • General repairs and reassembly of an engine short block.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work safely and responsibly
    under supervision in an automotive workshop.

There are 20 Level 3 credits available.


Course Dates: 15th February to 18th October 2022 (every Tuesday)

Location: Unitec Mt Albert in a dedicated automotive workshop

Transport: Students are transported to and from Unitec via a minivan.  Students must be able to be at school by 7.30am to meet the minivan.  They will be returned to Westlake by the end of the school day.

Cost: There is no cost to the student to take part.  The course is fully funded and all PPE gear is provided.

Course numbers: 8 places available for 2022

Student Expectations:

To be accepted into the Trades Academy students must: have good school attendance, catch up on missed school work, be able to work independently, be polite, be punctual, follow instructions, complete all school and Unitec assessments and be great communicators.  Students must check text messages and emails regularly and reply if required.

How to apply:

Please fill in the online application form here


Once this has been received, you will be invited for an interview in the Careers Centre.  After that time you will be notified of your acceptance (or not) onto Unitec Trades Academy.


Further Information?

Watch a 3 minute presentation here:

If you need to find out more please visit Mrs Scanlen in the Careers Centre or email fsc@westlake.school.nz