Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

June 9, 2021

If you care about the environment, love to design, and think that the spaces we live in are important, then you’re talking about Landscape Architecture.

Landscape architecture blends science and art to achieve a balance between the built and natural environments and leads to extraordinary results which improve our world.

It’s about creating meaningful, sustainable, enriching and enjoyable places.

Landscape architects can deal with a wide range of landscapes, from urban to rural spaces, infrastructure to parks, mountaintops to beaches. They plan, design and manage spaces to help find the best solutions to improve health and wellbeing and create thriving communities.

Landscape architecture has an important role in dealing with modern-day problems, such as making it safer and easier to walk or cycle instead of using the car, and tackling the effects of climate change by coming up with ways to design with it.

Landscape architects cover a wide spectrum of work and they often find themselves working within some or all of the following:
•  Garden design
•  Urban design
•  Landscape ecology
•  Conservation design
•  Heritage landscapes
•  Master planning
•  Landscape assessment
•  Landscape management
•  Landscape planning

Watch this short video that explains what you will at Lincoln University for the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

For more information on studying this at Lincoln University click here

Victoria University of Wellington also offers this degree qualification. Click here for more information