Research tools

Career planning follows a series of stages outlined in this diagram



All students at Westlake Boys High School have access to the Career Central platform.  This can be downloaded as an app on your phone or


This can be a good place to start for students with the added bonus of having a CV building tool!


Doing the Careerquest quiz on the is also a useful starting point.  You may have done it in the past (maybe Year 10) but things change so it is always a good idea to go back and revisit it – especially if you are in Year 12 or 13 and have no idea about what you want to do when you leave school.


General Career Sites


Developing self-awareness

You can start working on developing your self awareness by working through “Step 2” on the Careers Central program.  Doing this will help you to identify your skills and subject strengths, personality qualities, interests and career values.   It also has a useful space where you can start recording your activities outside the classroom (cultural/community, sport, leadership, awards and qualifications) as well as any work experience.  The advantage of using Career Central for this is that it records this information to download on a CV template.


Other sites that may be useful:

Ideas and tools to explore your options

You can start looking at career options in more detail under “step 3 – jobs” on Career Central.  You can search by jobs title, industry and vocational pathway.  This is very useful if you know the area you want to work in (for example Health or Construction) but want further ideas about the opportunities in these fields.  You can add jobs to your job bank for future reference.



Tips on making good career decisions and taking action.

Labour Market Information

This information can be very useful in indicating job prospects, pay rates and skill shortages.