Finding a job

For a complete guide to finding a job, you’ll find everything you need in these two websites:

Money hub has extensive information on job hunting including; CV and cover letter templates, tips on job hunting, a complete list of NZ employers currently hiring students, links to job finding sites such as Trademe and Student Job Search and much more.

There is also some great advice on finding a job here: Stop Applying For Jobs Online And Try This Direct Outreach Approach Instead (002) has a good guide for preparing for interviews has a ton of information on:

  • finding work (how to search for jobs, links to vacancy websites, free job-hunters e-book, becoming work ready, job hunting tips)
  • creating CV’s, cover letters and profiles (templates, how to write an application letter etc)
  • interviews (getting ready for an interview, tips on answering questions, questions you can ask etc)
  • employments agreements, resignation letters
  • what’s happening in the job market (salary guide, jobs in skill shortage)

If you don’t already have one – you will need an IRD number.  You can find out more here



Benefits of Volunteering

(Information updated 06/05/2020)


The job market is going to look very different post COVID-19 and you may find it harder to secure employment as the economy moves into recession.  If you cannot find a paid job right away, you may want to consider volunteering.  Here are 9 good reasons to do volunteer work:


  1. It looks good on your C.V and your LinkedIn profile
  2. It may give you some good references
  3. It gets you out of the house
  4. You make new contacts and friends
  5. Those friends might just know someone who is looking for an employee
  6. It gives you some structure and meaning to your life, especially if you volunteer for a cause close to your heart.
  7. It may turn into a paid position at the organisation.
  8. It may open up a whole new career for you, as you try out some work that you may not have been able to do in the paid workforce.
  9. It gives you transferable skills that employers are seeking.


LinkedIn can be a useful tool to use when job hunting.  You can find out more about creating your LinkedIn profile here