Other training providers

Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs)

New Zealand has a huge number of Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and they are all very different in what they offer and teach. What links them all is that they are required to be registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and their curriculum and academic standards must meet national standards. You can search these by subject choice on Study Spy.


Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are organisations set up to oversee apprenticeships in NZ.  There are 11 of these and each organises and evaluates training for a number of different but linked industries.


Below is a list of some career areas and specific training providers.  This is not an extensive list and further research is recommended. It is also highly recommended that you visit any of the providers you are interested in attending and check it out! You can phone and ask to go in for a tour or go to an open day.





Creative Industries

Defence Forces and Police




Hospitality and Tourism


Marine and Air (including Pilot)



Tech and IT